Channel rebranding of Zappelin

Channel rebranding of Zappelin

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Terralemon redesigns both Zapp and Zappelin, the children channel family of the Dutch Public Broadcaster. Zapp and Zappelin seek to connect to the multitude in society with a rich variety of ideas and lifestyles.

Zapp and Zappelin are cross-media platforms of the Dutch Public Broadcaster programmed at the little ones among us al through to the teens.

Assignment was to style both channels like a family. The similarities in the design of both channels is in the use of color, font and melody. The difference is in the tone of voice and their own content.
Even more than before the programs and presenters/characters form the proof with which the brand is supported.

On Zappelin we say goodbye to the zeppelin. Instead, the Zappelin-butterfly is introduced. Nienke, which is part of the channel since 2009 remains besides the butterfly as brand character. The new design creates space for including the various characters of Sesame Street and Koekeloere.
The butterfly in the logo is the driver where effer the butterfly appears things start to happen, boats start sailing, balls start rolling. The butterfly makes her way through the hand craft world and leaves a ribbon behind from where program presenters and characters pop up.


• Safe, authentic, joyful, discover and topical
• 2-6 year olds and co-watching parents

The channel launched on 3 September 2012 and can be admired on a daily base.

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"I am proud of our programs and presenters. They determine the face of the public children's channels. With this new design we put the presenters and programs central and we emphasize even more that it revolves around the authentic Dutch product. In addition we examined more connection in look and feel, so the channels for viewers feel like a family."

Suzanne Kunzeler, Netmanager NPO 3