Identity NPO Zapp

Identity NPO Zapp

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Terralemon redesigns the identity of Zapp, the children channel of the Dutch Public Broadcaster

... together with the channel Zappelin for the younger kids. The similarities in the design of both channels is in the use of color, font and melody. The difference is in the tone of voice and their own content.

On Zapp after four years of faithful service the Z@PPers have given way to the presenters of Zapp. The logo is like a living shield, it shakes and twirls when all of a sudden a green icy diamant stream breaks loose. Where this energetic flow hits the ground fotographed and cut out presenters pop up. With the restyling we also say goodbye to the @, the new spelling is now Zapp and Zappelin.

Zapp is authentic, groundbreaking, humor, wanting to belong and topical. Audience is 6-12 year olds and prying parents.

The channel launched on 3 September 2012 and can be admired on a daily base.

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"I am proud of our programs and presenters. They determine the face of the public children's channels. With this new design we put the presenters and programs central and we emphasize even more that it revolves around the authentic Dutch product. In addition we examined more connection in look and feel, so the channels for viewers feel like a family."

Suzanne Kunzeler, Netmanager NPO 3

Channel branding Z@PP 3.0 (2010)

With an upgrade in 2010 to a 3D environment the 5 famous characters of the Public Broadcasting children channel came even more to life. Z@PP wants to focus on slightly older children. And there you go! Z@PP looks sturdier and the Z@PPers experiences are closer to the perception of the viewers. They mess with smartphones, are in love and find it very important how they look.

De Z@PPers

In 2008 Terralemon designed Z@PP for the second time. Z@PP aims to connect with the multitude in society with a rich variety of philosophies and lifestyles. Z@PP is becoming streetwise. And the creation of 5 characters, the Z@PPers gives the channel design an edge.

The 5 Z@PPers

  • BB: a cross between a bee and a pig. Helpful but clumsy by his flatulence.
  • SPARK: a dog shark tomboy, tough and strong. But often too busy and therefore not always popular.
  • LIZZ: a anteater gone chameleon with a long tongue. She accidentally eats everything in her way.
  • CHICA: a challenging tiger octopussy and very sensitive diva. Watch out or she'll scream.
  • OLEC: no-one is really sure how Olec came about but he is strong, not too smart. But he's o so sweet!

Broadcast redesign
Green bars animate to form the Z@PP world. They are sharp and dynamic. The colors of the bars are based on the green from the logo while also containing large camouflage stains. Five graphical black and white cross-mixed creatures called the Z@PPers engage in all sorts of adventures in this green world. Keywords are: cocky, absurd and funny.

The redesign fits with the three other public channels, despite its own recognizable and distinctive style. Expressions of Z@PP are tough, fresh, cocky and funny. Z@PP where you want to belong!

Z@PP 'zero gravity'

In 2005 we win the pitch for the channel rebranding of Z@PP. We name the concept 'Zero Graphity'. Z@PP Zero Gravity is a world is where kids are raised from the ground: they fly, bounce, hang, jump, fall ... Cheerful, positive, surprising and tough! Kids who make incredible jumps and bicycle kicks, tranquil float or just bounce through the screen. Regardless of gravity. Free of parents or school. ZERO GRAVITY! The netstyling is a combination of live action and a digital graphical background. The kids were filmed in front of a green wall through which the color world could be placed in later. Hence, the kids could fly around and make insane jumps.