VUmc Imaging Center

VUmc Imaging Center

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We see a bright future! Terralemon created film and position paper for the new VUmc Imaging Center.

In the future medical imaging techniques will play an essential role in healthcare. With a film and a position paper VUmc gives insight in this important trend and their contribution by initiating the VUmc Imaging Center. This state-of-the-art Imaging Center will open its doors in 2016 and will house the main imaging techniques. In the film and position paper major players in the imaging field pitch the importance of medical visualization and what influence the realization of this center will have on health care, Amsterdam and the Zuidas in particular.

By using the latest generation of imaging techniques such ultrasounds, X-rays and MRI scans and new emerging technology that include use of tracers complex processes in the human body can be ‘seen’ better. There will be a more clear visualization of what's wrong with a patient and where, when and how drugs starts to work. The outcome will provide a better analysis of diseases and better quality of patient treatment. Prediction is that future patientcare will eventually be completely customized.

First step in the presentation of the VUmc Imaging Center to governments and (business) partners was the position paper and the film. A next important step in becoming the portal on imaging will be the website which is planned in 2015.

About the Imaging Center

All imaging techniques will be combined in the newly Imaging Center. international renowned patientcare and research in a modern and flexible building. The Imaging Center will house radiology, Nuclear Science, Cyclotron BV and the Lasercenter with the option to house operation facilities as well.

The new Imaging Center combines three ambitions: synergy, flexibilty and sustainability within healthcare.