TNO Valorie

TNO Valorie

Motion for TNO - innovation for life

TNO has a mobile pilot plant for algae refinery into operation under the name Valorie. Terralemon created a film that clearly explains what Valorie is and does.

Algae grow rapidly, and contain a lot of building materials which may be used in a multitude of products. Algae can be grown fairly easily, and in particular places in the world where other forms of agriculture are complicated. One of the reasons why algae are seen as the new crop of the future.

To get the valuable ingredients from algae TNO offers a refining technique: Valorie (Versatile Algae On-site Raw Ingredient Extractor). TNO has developed cost-efficient methods in an energetically favorable way.

The pilot plant, Valorie, can harvest the desired ingredients from algae. Producers may decide exactly which raw materials are extracted from the algae and they can thus organize their own production thereon.

Finalizing our movie on algae biorefinery with @Terralemon. Its gonna be awesome! #algae #valorie #biorefinery

— Corjan van den Berg (@CorjanvdBerg) 15 augustus 2014

"Terralemon created a beautiful promotional film for the opening of our algae pilot plant. The speed, accuracy and flexibility shown by the team of Terralemon made ​​them a pleasure to work with."

Dr. ir. Corjan van den Berg, scientific research at TNO