TNO Microdosing

TNO Microdosing

Motion for TNO - innovation for life

Microdosing is pioneering a new way of testing drugs. Terralemon has realized a short film for TNO about this principle.

Microdosing is a technique at TNO for studying pharmacokinetics, through the administration of a dose so low that it will not result in any effects on the human body, but high enough to obtain pharmacokinetic data for the effects of drugs.

Time saving
New drugs may appear on the market only after completion of a long and intensive testing period. While many patients could benefit from an early entrance to the market. The microdosing technique saves a lot of time by testing at a very early stage in the development process.

Fewer animals
In microdosing, human volunteers are given a 14C-labeled bioactive ingredient in such a minute dose to keep potential risks to a minimum. The big advantage is that the test results are real and fewer animals are needed.

Cost effective
Medical health care costs are a political agenda fixation. The price of drugs determines to a large extent if medicines are reimbursed and the general availability of it. Microdosing shortens the development process and thus the production and costs of medicines.

In short, microdosing is the technique with which drugs are tested faster, safer and cheaper and where fewer animals needed.

On the film
TNO wanted a short film that they can be used at exhibitions, online and in presentations to the pharmaceutical industry. It was important that a complex topic as microdosing is presented in an understandable manner and for a wide audience. With that in mind, we wrote the screenplay / script and visualized it in 3D animation and typography. The film is narrated by Michael Krass. Result: a pleasant compact clear film, fitting well within the TNO style.

Read more about microdosing on the site of TNO