Channel rebranding RTL 8

Channel rebranding RTL 8

Identity | Motion | Print for RTL Nederland

Terralemon did complete restyle for RTL 8: more fresh, more feminine, more surprising, an accessible look but stylish. For women in need of me-time. But also a flexible, open and commercially useful grid system.

Symmetrical mirroring at the heart of the graphic system.

From the x or y axis, the screen is divided in half. The image is then mirrored and / or repeated in a playful and surprising way. From the center, the typography and images slide open while looking for and playing with symmetry. The RTL 8 logo forms the marker, the anchor if you will, and remains centered in the middle.

Music and audio realized by Joosten & Kuitenbrouwer. The channel redesign was launched on August 27, 2012 and can be admired on a daily base.

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"The new 8-RTL design is sturdy, modern, dynamic and fresh."

Desiree Grinsven, RTL 8-channel director