Project Disaster

Project Disaster

Motion | Print for Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland

Terralemon created a film, a brochure and designed the report for a European project called 'Disaster'. We did this for Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland (VRK) to create support to continue this project.

The future of security.

The VRK and its partners participate in the security in the European FP7 research project Disaster. It is scientifically researched how key partners in disaster management can work together more effectively. The VRK was looking for a powerful presentation to the partners in the region.

Terralemon is selected from a number of other agencies through our style on infographics and our corporate and yet friendly tone of voice.

The film consists mainly of the footage of the real-life scenario that took place in autumn 2013 at Schiphol. Terralemon created a clear and insightful film, the story is being told in a 3D environment, clear infographics are used which eventually evolved to a clear story of a complex matter. Next to the movie we realized the brochure and project report.

"With this film Terralemon helped us out translating the core of the Disaster project as a statement. This is the way for us to move forward."

Ellen Oude Kotte, project leader Disaster