NPO Zappelin

NPO Zappelin

Identity | Online | Motion | Print for Netherlands Public Broadcasting

Children's channel NPO Zappelin has undergone a complete restyling: linear, non-linear and online.

The restyled Zappelin world has become even more a cheerful recognizable playing world for the target group. All sorts of cheerful, funny - but for children very recognizable - animals swing, turn, glide, wink, hop, jump in the playground world.

NPO Zappelin is a reliable media environment where young viewers can discover the world through television and the Internet in a secure way. The assignment was to refresh the channel but also to build on the success of the old network. Especially the world made up out of DIY objects received a high rating and should come back. In addition, the demand for more humor, more jokes in the animations. Each animation contains a small visual twist such as an animal that suddenly turns out to be a play object or an unexpected event when playing. The animals have round shapes, the world consists of DIY artifects and recognizable timeless play objects where everything has the highest possible level of cuddliness.

As of June 26, 2018, the restyling of the public youth TV channel has been fully implemented on television and online, such as on the site / app and social media. You will also encounter the design on the street on billboards and during events where the animals do guest appearances.

NPO Zappelin channel values

NPO Zappelin is a broad, cheerful media platform where young children can learn, discover and relax the world through television and the Internet in a safe way.

Logo and colors

The logo is formed by a cheerful face that toddlers can easily recognize and the cheerfulness immediately shines on the programs of NPO Zappelin. The logo has fresh-activating green colors with yellow as base. In addition to these colors, we have chosen a sunny warm, cheerful and natural palette for the world of Zappelin.


Nienke, since 2009 the regular face of the channel, says farewell to young viewers this year. Fenna takes over the baton from the summer.

Music and foley

The audio design reinforces the cheerful, happy Zappelin world in which strange and unexpected things can happen.

This was realized in a super fun collaboration with a dozen MediaMusic students from ArtEZ Conservatorium Enschede. Terralemon and music and sound design teacher Danny Weijermans have intensively accompanied a talented selection of third-year students. Together with Jarin Lourens and Joshua van der Spreng, 2 young emerging producers with a lot of experience, we have further developed, adapted and finely polished the ideas. Ultimately it has been extended to multiple versions, the right audiology and various underscores. We are very proud of the result. We would like to thank Danny Weijermans of ArtEZ for his inspiring support and strong comments during the initial process. Jarin and Joshua for their audio results, perseverance and smooth working method. And of course ArtEZ and the students!