Rebranding NH

Rebranding NH

Identity | Motion for NH Media

NH asked Terralemon to redefine their brand strategy for television, online, mobile and print. We are really proud of the end results!

As thé Dutch regional broadcasting company of the Noord-Holland province NH is an important social binder as well as an important news channel that brings people together. The redesign is live from March 3, 2014.

Paul van Gessel, director of NH: "NH wants to bring more than just news. We look for real stories of real people that touch a broad audience."

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"We really have a wonderful synergy to drop along with Terralemon. The speed and the authority of their method is beautifully unpacked."

Bart Barnas, chief-editor NH

Our challenge

For Terralemon, the challenge was finding a way to translate the new brand strategy into a new visual identity on every platform in a intriguing way. Our visual starting point was formed by the contrasts in this particular province. The dazzling city of Amsterdam next to the traditional smaller villages surrounding it. A combination of sobriety, curiosity, voluntarism and warm humanity. NH is there to embrace all sorts of people.

The logo visualizes the connecting character of the brand. The color is a perseverance of the existing and recognizable blue brand color. Is has become a spatial shape, a combination that examines the bounderies of two worlds. A ribbon, sharp, playfull and intriguing. The NH logo has been reused for the subbrands, the piers: news, sports, crime, entertainment and culture. The abstract grid in the background is a rendering of the typical Dutch skies that meets the water on a summers day.

Programs by NH form an attractive mix of news, sports and culture in which every viewer or listener reflects his or her interests. In the idents we have depicted this by the usage of portraits of real people we met in the province.

Beside the on-air and online rebranding, all styles have been extended to the stationaries, cars, event banners and backdrops and ads.

Online, mobile and app

The site, the app and several social media company pages have been given a make-over. All online channels are now consistent in design and appearance. Terralemon refreshed all icons including a weather set as well.

Online, mobile and app


Terralemon created a style guide for NH to describe the guidelines in usage of logo, fonts, color, photography on print, television and online. This way we ensure that this successful visual identity is correctly and consistently carried out on any form of communication and remains recognizable to its audience.


Schimmer Music Productions
Audio design has been realized in association with Schimmer Music Productions who has done a tremendous job realizing the sparkling audio tracks.