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Identity NFU

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Terralemon created a new powerful identity for the NFU.

The Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers, the NFU, is repositioning its organisation. The NFU is one of the major players in the medical field and wants to communicate accordingly, it should be seen and heard as the important informatiesupplier and imformation interpreter that it is. The brochures "More Value" and "Responsible Together' illustrate the vision on quality of care and the vision on the role of the umc's within the medical sector.

Terralemon has chosen an impressive but subdued color palette in addition to the red and white branding, a lyout based on clear blocks and full page photography printed on high quality paper.

Jointly responsible - Academic care and innovation strength of the umc's
TheNetherlands has eight (umc's). Together they ensure a continuous improvement of health care. It is the largest value-added knowledge: knowledge by developing groundbreaking scientific research, knowledge in the most complex care situations, and disseminating knowledge through education and training (future) caregivers. Precisely because of this constant interaction between theory and practice and between medical school and hospital, and by the close relationship with the university, they distinguish themselves from general hospitals. In this publication the NFU shares her vision of the role of the umc's within the medical sector. The horizon for the realization of the resulting plans is the year 2020.

More value - Vision on quality of care 2012-2017
Embedded in the NFU vision Quality of care in 2012 -2017 is the responsible role the umc's like to play and activities from the Consortium Quality of Care. Also is the consortium Quality of Care in the brochure introduced through examples in which the experts partake. Activities whose results like an ink stain should spread.

Deliver and display quality is an essential part of the professional responsibility of the care provider.

"Creativity, technical expertise, speed, skilled contribution. Terralemon offers it all and helps strengthen the NFU as a whole."

Sjon Buijs, senior consultant communication and public affairs

Terralemon created a new powerful and full functional website for the NFU

The NFU, the organization for all academic hospitals in The Netherlands, has a restyled website, in line with their new corporate design.

In line with the ‘Kwaliteit van Zorg’ site and various brochures we provided a new look for the in november 2012. The site informs on the 8 university medical centers (umc), the NFU activities and includes collective agreements for the umc employees. In addition the NFU speaks out on fundamental and policy issues (palliative care, oncology care, elderly care and quality of care).

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Terralemon created a new powerful and full functional website for the NFU

About the NFU

The Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) represents the eight cooperating umc in the Netherlands, as an advocate and employer of 65,000 employees. This states the NFU as committed to the continuity of care and the safety of the patients, often severe, rare and difficult to treat illnesses. The partnership enables the umc's even more able to treat their patients to the latest findings of medical science, health care future to train and scientific research at world level.