Man bites dog (Man bijt hond)

Man bites dog (Man bijt hond)

Motion for KRO-NCRV

Terralemon was commissioned by Dutch Broadcaster KRO-NCRV to conceptualize and realize a new opening sequence for the Dutch television program 'Man bij hond' (Man bites dog).

Opening sequence
We focussed on the famous dog in the logo of the television program 'Man bijt hond'. In our animation he embodies curiosity, wondering and exploration. He opens doors, travels through spaces, turns on the light, provokes, is curious and respectful. The dog plays an essential role in the opening sequence again and the whole design of the program is with its current design more consistent and congruent.

A secondary request was to create short transitions for use in the program itself, using the dog as well. This creates a more subtle break and better flow between the various items within the program.

About Man bijt hond
Man bij hond is a program focussing on everyday news and ordinary not-famous people. It is a hugely popular format in The Netherlands. The tone of voice is light with a willful look on today's topics. When there are more fraughty subjects involved, the point of view is that of the ordinary man or woman though. Man bij hond is a program licensed under Woestijnvis from Belgium

The realization of the final animation is in collaboration with Jan-Jaap Schraverus and Arjen Niemeijer from Beep! Music for the music score.

"In developing the new design for Man bijt hond Terralemon has captured the essence of the program in this all-new, fresh style."


Yvonne Hobbelink, Production Manager Man bijt hond, KRO-NCRV