Online for LinXis

LinXis is specialized in targeting drugs to treat cancer. Terralemon has been asked to design and develop their web site with an international audience of scientists in mind.

We have visualized the complex technique LinXis offers in a attractive 3D style. Through the use of its colors and lay-out this web site positively stands out in its ambit.

LinXis developed a technique in which drugs can be attached to antibodies through the use of Platinum. The drug remains tightly bound to the antibody in the bloodstream, but once arrived a the tumor cell it releases the drug.

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"We came in touch with Terralemon through the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In an excellent cooperation Terralemon worked out our ideas and realized the new LinXis website. A result to be proud of!"


HendrikJan Houthoff, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer LinxisPharmaceuticals