Leaders "Benali books"

Leaders "Benali books"

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Terralemon creates the leaders for "Benali books"

2013 en 2011
In candid interviews from writer to writer, between two professional colleagues, two companions, Abdelkader Benali discusses the themes in the novels, poems and diaries of the writers. How do these convey with their personal memories, dreams and experiences? Some of the interviewed authors include Conny Palms, Tommy Wieringa and Leon de Winter.


​Terralemon creates logo and programme opener of the tv programme about writers and their city. Dutch author Abdelkader Benali travels in to cities in the Netherlands and Belgium in search of the literary pulse of that city. In each city a literary question is put forward. For example in Antwerp: Can a book change a city? Or in The Hague: Can a writer cross the Laan van Meerdervoort? These highlt abstract questions give the programme meaning and ultimately reveal universal themes like betrayal, violence or homecoming.