ING’s global research department

ING’s global research department

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ING as a worldwide actor in financial information has analysts active in a great range of sectors, countries and markets. General aim is empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

Terralemon was asked to increase the appeal of two reporting series to a larger more consumer like audience. We based our designs on the more consumer look and feel of ING NL in stead of the macro economic of ING Group, thus staying close to the ING brand and increasing the visual palet of the analyst, improving the readability and adding a overal sense of pride and fun into te reports by use of expressive photography and the ING cartoon like infographic style.

These analysts make up ING’s global research department and they produce a vast body of international economic research form macro tp B2B to B2C.

ING International Survey (IIS)
Every four months ING’s global research department publishes a report on how consumers approach different topics related to personal finance in order to gain a better understanding of how retail customers spend, save, invest and feel about money. We redesigned and realized the site, report specific infographics and social media content for the ING International Survey.

Think Forward Initiative (TFI)
With the Think Forward Initiative event 2016 ahead ING's global research department published a TFI report series. We redesigned and realized the reports, report specific infographics and social media content.