ING Think

ING Think

Online for ING

For the Internationally operating ING Group research department, we developed an online platform housing their economic and financial analysis.

How can we enable analysts and economists to respond faster and better with their insights into financial developments in the world?

How do we get the articles published faster and better to the attention of the target audience? In order to increase the robustness and online presence of ING Group research, we have worked closely with ING's financial analysts and economists. Based on their current workflow in writing and publishing financial analysis and economic insights, we have jointly made a transition of loose mails with pdf to an online newsy desktop and mobile platform.

The CMS is designed with a publishing tool that works with writers and editors, and drafts and published statuses of articles. Where each entry is converted into a stylized pdf.

To be able to realize this great platform we collaborated intensively with Nikolai Bachter, James Smith, Anaam Raza and Owen Thomas of ING.

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