Motion for Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, 2019

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek has asked Terralemon to create an animation of the 3 main immune therapies.

Immunotherapy is currently the most important development in cancer treatment. It is a treatment that activates the immune system and helps the body detect and fight tumors.

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek has a leading international role in research into and treatment with immunotherapy. Through scientific research in laboratory and hospital, the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek makes an indispensable contribution building up knowledge on the immune system and cancer.

Terralemon, in consultation with doctors and Anna Blokland, has visualized the behavior of cells, t cells and tumors and how different immune therapies help the body in detecting and destroying tumors.

Terralemon has created high-quality animations for us to explain this new form of cancer treatment to our patients. They are great to work with, flexible, enthusiastic and think along to achieve the best results. I am impressed by the quality of their work and proud of the result! If we need new medical animations the choice will be to work with Terralemon.

Anna Blokland, Immunotherapy coordinator Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital