IKON identity

IKON identity

Identity | Motion for IKON

Terralemon redesigned website, logo and station design of IKON.

We started off with the design of the site which was so inspiring that logo and station design followed as logical steps.

Changes of the Dutch public broadcasting system forces the IKON to change. IKON already created many internationally acclaimed documentaries and religious programs which moderates this transformation.

The logo is a visualization of a house with an atrium, a beating heart and is home to the people working at IKON and to those who enjoy the IKON on television. The new logo is reminiscent of the Suprematism of Malevich. Abstract and minimal, proud and steadfast, with reference to the concept of religion.

Station identity
The new logo and website have resulted in the new channel design of the IKON. Terralemon created bumpers and a leader for the weekly discussion program the IKON House.

As per January 1 2016 the IKON has become part of the EO. Read more on the website of the EO.

"Terralemon designed a completely new web environment. The logo has been renewed and is a lot more powerful. The new site of the IKON is innovative and wayward. Thanks to the contribution of Terralemon a distinctive result has been created. The result had to be inspiring and groundbreaking and they succeeded."

Peter Dekker - Coordinator RTV Production

IKON website

The redesign of the site and the new style is unique! A diagonally arranged layout, many functional animations, stunning visual design in the documentary / program page and room for the many news reports.

The design has been designed in pictures as well as in example movies to depict the interaction. Human Content has created the site and they have perfectly succeeded. Animation, AJAX loading, navigation, everything is bound together beautifully without a flaw in performance or interaction.

IKON website