Identity AEGON Worldwide

Identity AEGON Worldwide

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Terralemon rebuilts identity for international operating AEGON Group.

Terralemon created for AEGON Group several sites (including intranet and corporate), the global logo architecture, press releases, events, videos and internal communications (newsletters, posters, logos and several separate sub-brands).

AEGON, a Dutch based insurer, is nowadays one of the major players on the international finance and insurance market. Worldwide 30,000 people work at AEGON. AEGON is active particularly in the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom and emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and China. AEGON draws strength from the interplay between local knowledge of the land divisions and the international character of AEGON as a global company.

The brief 

In 2005 it could be said that the style of 1983 had lost its sharpness. Especially stationery, advertisements, sites and communication around events were in need of renovation. In close cooperation with the AEGON Group Corporate Affairs division Terralemon created a consistent, strong design with the aim to strengthen the brand and clarifying the interrelationships between all its operations. The new corporate narrative "Local knowledge. Global Power." was an important guide.

A new logo hierarchy
AEGON has a complex business structure with an extensive logo portfolio. There are logos for land divisions, business units, internal brands and various types of cooperatives. It was a challenge to create a balance between a strong main AEGON brand and the freedom for the individual sub-brands. The new logo architecture shows a consistent and logical visual relationship with the AEGON logo as the main brand and the underlying brands in a supporting role. The typography provides sufficient expandability and respects both the AEGON logo and the logos of the sub-brands.

The strategy
Strengthening the internal brand experience is a first step in strengthening the overall AEGON brand and its core values. The intranet and the many internal events (OPTICAL and AEGON University) played a crucial role. The exchange of information in this way provides a clear picture to the employees of where AEGON stands.

The next step was to strengthen the visual unity and consistency by developing grids for the stationery, newsletters, advertisements, posters and internet. These grids are graphical handles for all parties involved in the design and indicate where there is room for flexibility within the grid.