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International media agency Corrino covers concerts and produces movies and commercials worldwide. Terralemon created a full video website for them.

Corrino is one of the leading cross media production companies in the world. They take care of the recording and live streams of Sensation, 3FM Serious Request, Pinkpop and Creamfields. They produce feature films and work for the main global brands and big names in music like Armin van Buuren, Lady Gaga, Hardwell and Kanye West.

Terralemon got the honor to design and realize their online presence. By combining our skills in motion and online we have created a seamingless streaming experience. shows the power of Corrino: cross media storytelling in a cinematic manner. The site is a next stage in an online motion presence with focus on experience and passion in the creative field.

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Corrino graphic appearance update

Corrino graphic appearance update