Feed the future

Feed the future

Motion for TNO - innovation for life, 2019

Sustainable agriculture is the future. Terralemon has designed the campaign for TNO that shows the innovative role TNO has in optimizing the food production chain.

Terralemon has realized the 'Feed the future' campaign in close contact with TNO. TNO is a game changer. And there is much to innovate in the field of making agriculture more sustainable. How do we ensure that everyone - from entrepreneur to consumer - reaps the benefits of this optimization? By allowing all individual stakeholders within the chain to benefit from optimum interaction in food production. Less emissions, more yield and higher quality.

The story

Our food production is accompanied by high emissions and has a major impact on the climate and the earth. How can we produce differently so that we limit the damage? This means that we no longer have to produce as cheaply as possible, but together we must look at the least possible loss of raw materials and careful management of soil, water and nature.

TNO has developed a lot of knowledge to optimize the entire food production chain through digitization. Because they collect as much data as possible on all links, a good insight is created into the many chains within agricultural production. When the horticulturist measures how the climate in his greenhouses is developing, he can adjust his cultivation strategy. Sometimes even at plant level. With real-time sensor data you can monitor cows and thus ensure that the cow stays healthy and productive for longer. The more detailed the data, the more targeted the plants can be, the better animal welfare can be guaranteed, the better emissions and waste can be prevented. But also to learn how to work more efficiently and where money can be saved and where there are opportunities to earn extra money. In this way the Agrosector can continue to meet the stricter requirements, without jeopardizing healthy business operations.