Channel branding Cultura

Channel branding Cultura

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Terralemon creates broadcast and site design for arts and culture channel. Television is not only a distributor of, and informer, but also producer of art and culture and contributes to the Dutch cultural heritage.

The brief
With the advent of digital theme channels on television and the internet important steps are taken in increasing the supply of information and entertainment to smaller audiences. The Public Broadcaster wants to be leading in this development and launched new theme channels. The so-called ‘Netherlands 4’ now offers a news channel, a history channel, a youth channel and now an arts and culture channel.

Terralemon was asked to provide a suitable name and broadcast design. The channel is aimed at an audience of 35 years and older with a more than average interest in art and culture. It broadcasts 24 hours a day on film, theater, literature, classical music, pop and world music. The design had to be accessible and attractive, and graphics must be distinguished from other thematic channels and broadcasters within the public system.

The strategy
As the most important art and cultural channel of the Public Broadcasting the objectives of Cultura were first to be present as a digital channel, on line and attend cultural events where the brand belongs (the Uitmarkt, North Sea Jazz, Manuscripta). Nowadays, the brand develops by profiling themed evenings, more 'exposure' on events and expanding the site into a cultural community.

Name and logo 

The name Cultura is ultimately fitting, speaks to the imagination, is well to remember, has a clear meaning and distinguishes itself well within the existing range of channels.
The Cultura logo is a red-rose shape with a recess of the capital C. Thanks to the simple form language the logo is stil legible and identifiable when used small. The form is simple, yet loaded with meaning:

  • the flame, the inspiration
  • the seed, the source of creativity
  • one eye, the senses
  • a wing, the dynamics of the uplifting of the arts

The Cultura wordmark is tight and bright and readable from a distance as well as at low screen resolutions.

The style 

The fresh while raw visual style of Cultura shows a world of abstract transforming greens and whites. There interacting layers ensure transparency, depth and perspective. In combination with the music, numerous associations are provoked and keep the viewer curious.