CJP Cultuurkaart and CJP Serves

CJP Cultuurkaart and CJP Serves

Motion for CJP

Terralemon creates an animation to draw attraction to the CJP Cultuurkaart and an animation in the cinema for CJP Serves.

CJP Cultuurkaart
With the CJP Cultuurkaart high school students get discounts at museums, theater and cinema but also offers them discount at a lot of shops.

CJP was looking for a web animation that would bring these additional advantages of the card to the lime light. For Terralemon, the biggest challenge was to find the right tone-of-voice. The web animation opens with a somewhat absurd list of 'useful-things-that-you-can-also-do-with-your-card' like spread peanut butter on your sandwich, wax your bikini line or straight out your XboX 360. Cut-and-paste graphics in combination with a smooth animation style underline this rebellious character. The result is a funny movie.

CJP Serveert

For young adults, CJP organizes a special days during the main Dutch film festivals IFFR, IDFA, Imagine, NFF and the Leids Film Festival with the best of the festivals. This movie trailer is being projected at the opening of these special CJP Serves day.