ING in Society

ING in Society

Print for ING

Terralemon designed in opdracht van ING Corporate Responsibility de brochure 'ING in Society' ontworpen. In “ING in Society” the reader gets a clear and sparkling insight into ING's policy in the field of sustainable business.

Welcome, take a seat. These words start off the brochure and invite the reader into a dialogue with the ING sustainability strategy. The strategy is based on four pillars: business, people, environment, community. Four pillars make a chair. A chair provides support and relaxation so you could say read something with all your attention. Terralemon used the chair as a visual thread throughout the brochure complemented with photography of ING CR employees. 
At the same time during this production the internally “What Matters Most” campaign came into being. For this we created the “Orange Hands” photography: CR staff who show what they consider most important in the field of sustainable business by writing it down on their orange painted hand. The chairs and the hands make for a highly visual and accessible brochure about sustainability at ING.

About ING Corporate Responsibility
The Corporate Responsibility division at ING consists of the programmes Chances for Children, Environment and Financial Basics. Chances for Children works closely with UNICEF and is committed to improving the situation of children worldwide. Environment includes the policy for a lesser environmental impact and Financial Basics aims to improve awareness of complex financial products.

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