Groen Licht

Groen Licht

Motion for BNN-VARA

Groen Licht is a weekly program on Dutch television on how to live a more sustainable life. Terralemon has created animations within that program.

The program is designed for anyone who is interested in a greener life. We ofter get confused on what could be better for the environment? Switching the AC on or off in your car or buying pre-cut vegetables or not? There are many dilemmas when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Terralemon created animations around these dilemmas ending up with what eventually turns out the best solution. The use of the AC in the car is okay as long as you drive faster than 80 km per hour. Pre-cut vegetables are okay as long as you don't trash food.

Style and technique used is hand-cut paper in combination with the 3D animation. Artist Claire Duval helped us along with the paper cutting. Every week a new animation, from idea and storyboard to realization in 3D and rendering is quiet a speed in development but it turned out great.