Animation on the cooperation of ING and UNICEF

Animation on the cooperation of ING and UNICEF

Motion for ING

For financial institution ING Terralemon created a glittering and beloved Christmas animation.

The question "What if this kid can go to school?" shows us that education is a first step to a chance of a better life for children worldwide. What is needed to make a child's dream come true? The animation tells the engaging tale of dreams, about a child that can choose to become an astronaut if he or she wants to.

Paper models in a 3D-world sketch the circumstances of underprivileged children and what is needed to let them grow up in a positive environment with family, friends, food and water, a safe surrounding and a blooming society. Production of the movie has been done in cooperation with Yor Impression. The film has been sent by a great amounts of ING employees. Every card generated 1 Euro to UNICEF.

Screenshots and sketches can be admired here.