ADORE sponsorship

ADORE sponsorship

Identity | Print for VUmc

VU, VUmc and AMC want to combine oncology and neuroscience research on the campus on the Zuidas. Terralemon has designed the brochure in which private sponsors are invited to take part in this ambitious plan.

The dream of VUmc, VU and AMC together is to get doctors, researchers and patients together in an ambitious new setting: ADORE. A mind set and an architectural environment in which breakthroughs of oncology and neuroscience research talent are possible.

To achieve this, the parties insert a lot of financial resources. For the last meters, private sponsors are approached for a contribution to make the dream come true.

With the ADORE brochure we have depicted the ambitious line and the intersection of the two research areas. Logo and visual language have been developed specially and independently.

This brochure has been established in close collaboration with Rafael Smit & Eliane Cohen of the VUmc.